A Holistic approach to Wellness
   Whatever you chisel at will eventually be unlocked, giving way to light that reflects the contents of the inside, but what remains to be seen is what happens when it is released from its enclosure . What happens to the bird in the cage when it is freed?   It will either fly or remain stagnate, because the instinct to soar has been crushed by the restriction of the bars.

A Diamond in the Rough

The diamond is already shinning it just needs to be revealed

Even in the darkest place or the worst situation there is a diamond hidden surrounded by opposition waiting to emerge when it is given the opportunity.  As you can imagine, the journey a rough diamond undertakes is a process. Once the formation and development takes place brilliance is the outcome. This is the case and belief that Amar Skinner reproduces in his vision and mission to help others ascertain to their God given ability.

Standing on
of your

After spending 10 years behind bars, Amar has had time to reflect on what brought him to a life of crime and how he reset his priorities to turn his life around. He writes about his thoughts, experiences and society’s view to help others especially the younger generation to turn their lives around.  He imparts life changing tools and strategies to set a course on what is known as the L.I.F.E Path (Living in Future Enthusiasm), (setting in motion) The Golden Journey. This Path is for any and everyone who wishes to make a significant change in their life.

Amar believes that stopping the circle of negative programming implemented by television, radio, social media, peer groups and poverty may cause people to make poor decisions, will by-pass criminal thinking.

Amar’s train wreck knocked him right into life

There should be a moment in life when a thought comes by and we ask ourselves, is this really who I am?

By cutting through the rubble that incarcerated him, he chose to apply himself with a solution that became his life success story.  Digging deep within and breaking through the debris of negative thinking Amar emerged with a new insight.

It’s Reachable when You Work at it
this is about Second Chances

In his work of over ten years Amar took his vision of The LIFE path which is the Golden Journey to improve the lives of others by building an enterprise of businesses that commit to empathy and advancement.

 He has risen up to become a leader and front-runner for this generation, at-risk youth, inmates and former inmates by speaking out against injustice and socioeconomic inequalities.  His creation of EFERM pronounced E Firm, the first museum of its kind in America, designed by an ex-felon was developed to enlighten any and everyone who has been imprisoned mentally and physically, by providing solutions that touches the wholeness of the individual.